ThinkGeek Product Review: Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad/iPad2

It’s been well over a year now since I first bought my iPad.  I knew when I purchased this blessed device that I would need a snazzy case for it.  A case with a keyboard.

So I set off in search of the perfect iPad case.  I wasn’t just a casual consumer, I was a man on a mission.  The mission?  Find the world’s best iPad case that wasn’t a complete rip off.

After digging through racks and racks of crap at Ross, visiting every mobile device store in Western Washington, and spending hours on the Apple store and Amazon I wasn’t any closer to finding a quality case for my iPad.  I started looking through the high end market and was surprised to find iPad cases in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  One case I checked out was selling for $500, but was so poorly designed I wouldn’t have taken it for free!

The search for the perfect iPad case went on for over a year!

When I stumbled upon the Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad on ThinkGeek, I had a feeling I had found the perfect case!  The case was plain black, it folded up neatly to display your iPad while hosting a small bluetooth keyboard.  It was portable, neat, and simple.  Nothing fancy, nothing unnecessary, and it was compact.  Best of all, the price was the lowest I had seen!  Only $60! (Since my purchase it has gone on sale for a mere $29!!!)

I decided to take the chance and placed an order.  The case arrived on my doorstep a few days later and I ran to get my iPad so I could put it to the test.  This was such a monumental occasion my wife even stopped what she was doing so she could watch me try the new case.  (As I said, I’ve been looking for over a year and my wife has been privy to my frustration.)  She watched as I slipped the iPad into the cover and latched it shut.  I closed the case and felt the high quality black leather.  Seemed durable.  Two magnets embedded in the leather neatly snapped the case shut.  BONUS!  I didn’t even realize it had that feature.

I decided to put it to the real test.  I set it up, not on a table but in bed (the place I tend to use my iPad most) and turned on the bluetooth keyboard.  The stand held the iPad in a very stable and readable position.  I fired up the keyboard and it synced up perfectly with my iPad.  I started to type an email to ThinkGeek and see how the keyboard worked.  It took me a couple tries to get things right.  I wouldn’t blame it on the keyboard though, I type on a very specific ergonomic keyboard. My desktop PC keyboard is like the Starship Enterprise of keyboards.  I use it all day and night to type an obscene amount of words per minute!  Switching from this to a dinky, flexible bluetooth keyboard was quite the challenge for me.  After struggling for a time I was finally able to master the mini keyboard.  The key (pun intended) is to press firmly into the keyboard.  No sissy strokes here.  You must punch each key like you mean it or else you’ll be left with an email dotted with mistakes and mmmultiple ddduplicate llletters in each word!  😛

At the end of the day I closed up the iPad in its neat little case and set it beside my bed.  It has been in the case ever since and has actually invigorated me to gravitate to the iPad more often.  I find myself picking it up to type an email as opposed to jumping on my desktop or laptop.  It’s just quicker, easier, and… well it just feels nice to finely have a quality case that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

After 1.1 years my mission is complete.  I have searched high, low, and everywhere in between and THIS is the case I have been searching for.  Thank you ThinkGeek, you’ve made a huge nerd incredibly happy.

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad/iPad2

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