ThinkGeek Product Review: Spycam Car Key Fob Camera

Spycam Car Key Fob Camera

This is the coolest spy gadget I have ever used.  This tiny keychain fob (what the heck does “fob” mean?) poses as an automatic door unlock/panic for a car.  In actuality it is a tiny albeit powerful camera capable of snapping photographs at 640 x 480 resolution and recording video in AVI format.  I figured the photos and video I got with this little device would be blurry and useless in real world spying practices.

I took the camera out on a couple secret missions and compiled a plethora of photographs and video files.  When I arrived at my home base I plugged the device into my computer and downloaded the files from the 4 GB micro SD card (a small cable allows xfer without worrying about a card reader).

I was absolutely floored with the quality of images and video this camera took!  I figured the video would not have any audio, but there it was!  Crisp and clear!  How is this possible?  Technology my friends… and it’s awesome.

I hope my arch enemy doesn’t find this article or I will lose my unfair advantage.  You have the benefit of being a NERD TREK reader and hopefully a fan of ThinkGeek.  No one will ever know that those keys you forgot at their house are actually filming their every move!  Mwa ha ha!


  • Covert style video camera can capture hours of quality video with audio
  • Built-in 4GB memory (stores about 4 hrs of video)
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • AVI file format
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Capture video or still photos
  • Includes: Key fob camera, USB cable
  • View the Product User Guide

Spycam Car Key Fob Camera

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