Top 10 Scientific Mysteries Regarding Ancient Aliens

The concept around the extraterrestrials, who come from other galaxies normally referred as aliens, is always been a fascination for mankind. Books, movies, comic books, video games etc have many references to aliens. One time seeing of an Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs have reached to an epidemic proportion in USA. But scientists always tell that these are mere imaginations, hoaxes and hallucinations of eyes and mind. But over years some theories and facts have been put forward which have even eluded scientists and most rational minds .Thus these have remained a mystery so far. Here is a list of 10 such mysteries regarding ancient aliens.

10 : The Chariots Of The God

A German named Erich Von Daniken in his 1968 book “Chariots Of The Gods” had put forward some very interesting theories regarding visit of aliens from outer space. He told that around the globe, there were some ancient architectures like Pyramids (the massive step pyramid of Giza) of Egypt, the Mayan Pyramids, earth drawings of Nazca, Peru, the statues of Easter Island etc were virtually impossible for mankind with limited knowledge and resources. Perhaps people from outer space with superior knowledge had helped men to accomplish such big tasks.

9: Theories and cults of God, Angels & Demons

Holy books like The Bible, Quran etc had references of Gods, Angels and Satan (Lucifer in Bible and Iblis in Quran). From early ages mankind had die hard faith in the theory of heaven and hell. This faith gave birth to several cultish movements like Relian, Scientology etc which were believed that superior beings from outer space had given birth to mankind. Even modern writers like Aleister Crowley had a theory of this kind which was famous by the name of Thelema Theory.

8: Visit of aliens in person or the Men In Black

Not only seeing UFOs on various parts of earth had eluded mankind for centuries but there were several accounts of visit by strange looking persons (dressed in black) to people who claimed that they had seen UFOs. Some researchers had drawn a parallel to these accounts. In their theories these accounts seemed quite same to some old visits by elusive figures like The Black Man, Mr.Scratch,The Grinning Man etc to common man in various parts of the world. Comic books and movies like ‘The Men In Black’ and video games around G-man are modern cultural manifestations of such beliefs.

7: Modern Technology, a boon from aliens?

Not only massive architectures around the globe but major scientific breakthroughs in last century like visit to the moon, modern weaponry, nuclear bombs etc all were boons from non-human people to the Earthlings. Daniken had stated that in a Mayan pyramid, the fresco of a strange looking person with unfamiliar clothes and headgear clearly suggest about the extraterrestrials from outer space.

6: Strange objects from sky

Apart from sightings UFO’s, there were reports stating occurrences of strange objects around the globe. Substance like a jelly or cobweb which was often referred as Angel Hair had seen flying after there were massive sightings of UFO’s. One such Angel Hair was collected and analyzed in 1959 in Portugal which stated it to be a highly advanced cellular organism of some kind. Another object this time a saucer of some kind which had fallen to the garden of a man named Russel Long in 1947 of California had also eluded scientists.

5: E.Ts on Earth

Now we have direct third kind encounters with alien species. Reports from around the globe suggested, some kind of strange creatures with grey skins, large heads and bulging eyes (like the movie ET by Spielberg) had often visited the people on Earth. They not only met them but also tried to abduct them by hypnosis. Reports also stated that there were two kinds of grey aliens; one of them was much taller while the shorter aliens might have been robotic in nature.

4: Interest in non human species also

From late 1960’s several incidents of strange cattle mutilations had led to a theory that aliens might had been interested to non human species also. In several cases of such mutilations it was seen that there were lack of blood in the body of the dead cattle or it was skinned or slaughtered in such a way that several organs were missing. Most of the time the ways by which these had been done had eluded farmers and lawmen. Moreover strong presence of radiation of some kind was found around such bodies and it was seen that scavenging animals were avoiding these corpses.

3: The mystery that is Moon!

Even Moon, the only satellite of Earth had encouraged man to put forward some theory which suggested it might have been some kind of alien origin. The theory and experiments carried out by NASA and Russian scientists from time to time had seen that Moon was much older than Earth, the hollow inner space of Moon created bell-ringing sound when hit, it had a mismatched orbit as well as the presence of metallic inner core and above all the phenomena that were eclipse had made them to come with a conclusion that Moon being an alien object.

2: Strange incidents and predictions

Some strange incidents happened years ago and some prophetic deliveries often connected with alien activities. One such incident happened in month of October in Fatima of Portugal where a large number of people who had gathered there had witnessed strange happenings to the Sun. This incident was famous as “Miracle of the Sun”. Prior to this incident it was also said that several children of that town were visited by a lady who seemed to them, had come from the sun. That mysterious lady told the children some secrets which were later identified with happenings like end of World War one and taking place of World War2 and the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul the second. Besides, alien connections were also drawn with some famous predictions by soothsayer Nostradamus.

1: The Photo of real alien?

Now the best is saved for the last. A rather unexplained photo which revealed a helmeted figure in spacesuit in the background was taken by Jim Templeton in Solway Firth in Cumbria England in May 23 1964 while he was trying to take the pictures of his infant daughter. Mr.Templeton later had said that he did not notice anything interesting in the back ground while he took it. Examinations by Kodak did not yield any forgery in this photograph. So what was it since such a suit was a dream to space travelers at that time.

So by now your head must be reeling under the facts. But believe it or not there exist more things in heaven and earth that are still to be explained by modern science.


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