Top 10 Websites BLOCKED by Companies

Top 10 Websites that companies BLOCK!

#10 – Ebay

Online shopping is not only fun, but an addiction for many people.  Did you finish that TPS report?  No, but I just bought an iPod for $99 with free shipping!

#9 – Meebo

Sharing is caring, but your boss is angry and doesn’t care but wants to share that he/she doesn’t care- so get the hell off the internet!

#8 –

What in the Nine Hells is this?  I honestly have no clue, but it made the list and looks like something to do with ads… probably why I don’t know or care, so I won’t be sharing!

#7 – Orkut

Google’s social network honestly sucks.  I signed up awhile ago and not a single thing was happening on there so I canceled.  I thought this was one of the Google products that failed and was so hard to navigate I couldn’t deal with it.  Why it ranks #7 on this list is beyond me!

#6 – Hotmail

Checking your email at work?  Who doesn’t?  Apparently most of you trust Microsoft with your email, but your boss wants you to use the inter-office email so she can spy on you!

#5 – Twitter

“I’m bored at work!”  “Help me I’m trapped behind this desk!”  “Someone ate the last donut!”  “My boss disconnected my connection to Twitter!  Hello?  Hello?  Shit.”

#4 –

More ads?  Another website I don’t know anything about, perhaps my readers can shed some light on this…

#3 – Youtube

My co-worker shows me a new funny video or music video every single day and all our co-workers gather around wasting at least 5 minutes of productivity multiplied by 10 people watching the video- that’s 50 minutes- nearly an hour of precious work time sucked down the drain!  Hey, I don’t take any breaks during the day so you can eat a big fat Youtube Mr. Bossman!

#2 – Myspace

Although most of us abandoned this poorly coded, glitch ridden website years ago there are still those who cling to the scraps of this once highly visited website like it was the last cup Starbucks at a Microsoft meeting.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves- Myspace sucks and I hope my boss blocks it so I don’t accidentally end up there!

#1 – Facebook

The mecca of the internet.  Mark Zuckerberg thanks you the billions of dollars profit he amasses while you share your precious secrets with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and the stalker who lives in the trailer park.  We’re all guilty though are we not?  Facebook is the #1 most visited website on the net aside from Google and it’s no wonder that bosses the world over have put the big IP BLOCK on


What websites does your boss block?  Did you find a way around the block?  If not you can visit or on your network to reach the router.  If you can guess the username and password or use a brute force to get in you can disable these blocks and let freedom ring again for your co-workers.  Enjoy your freedom!!!  😛


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