Top 5 Cutest Final Fantasy Characters Ever!

Hello again kupo! Ever wonder who is the cutest of them all? Well in my universe that is! And of course all you people have your own opinions, but have you ever thought who would a moogle think is the cutest? Well you are in for a treat, kupo! Today is the day I tell everyone my top 5 CUTEST Final Fantasy characters ever, kupo!

5) First up we have: Zidane Tribal!

You can’t deny that suave-ness he has, but most of all, he has a monkey tail, kupo! If that isn’t a cute factor then I don’t know what is!


4) Next we have: Selphie Tilmitt!
From the first time you meet her, and all the way to the end, this adorable human HAS to win your heart, kupo! It just isn’t right if she doesn’t!!



3) Thirdly is : The Lalafell race!

This guys are just too cute, kupo! They resemeble little children, which is always cute in my book! And the pointy ears! JUST TOO CUTE , KUPO!



2) Coming it at second: Chocobo!
WARK! Oh wait, I don’t make that noise! But sure enough these giant yellow birds that are mainly used for transportation do! Even though they may not be little, those birdy faces are too cute to pass up kupo!



1) And the winner: MOOGLES!
Who else can be as cuddling, and smart as the moogles themselves! And we have so many famous moogles, kupo! There is Montblanc, Stiltzkin, and Dungeon Hero X- all which are adorable!

So this is my list of cute characters, and of course I know you guys MAY think I was being biased towards the end, but that’s the truth in my book, kupo! Until next time!!

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