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Listening to music has a different twist from everyone you ask. When I want to listen to music it is more about mood and quality of sound. I must be in the mood for the sound coming from the headphone speakers and it must be clear. I want to hear everything as if they are playing a concert just for me and I am in the middle of it. I decided to use different headsets and let you know which models got me to that point. Here are my top five.

5. Bose MIE2
These are my go anywhere headphones. Granted, the beach is not the best place for them when your kids want to kick sand around. But if I need to phase out a little from what is happening, I plug these in. They come with multiple comfort in-ear pieces that mold into the conch in your ears. My ears have always created a problem with normal earpieces staying in them. I turn the music on and asleep I go with no ear discomfort.

4. Tritton PC510 HDa
PC gaming is no question with these. I tried multiple models at a store for comfort and sound. They just weren’t the same as the Tritton PC510 HDa model. I won a set at PAX this year during a raffle (go me!) and wanted to see how they did vs. different headsets. I was proud. With two qualifiers my set had the best price and gave the best quality combined. Watch out Firefall players, I will be plugged in and ready for anyone crawling up my 6.

3. Jawbone ERA
Talking and listening is a choice. The Jawbone ERA changed something for me. First, listening to music when I want, without anyone else knowing. Second, allowing me to take the call from the boss so I know what to get at the grocery store. I could now block out everyone and they didn’t even know it!

2. Jambox Smartspeaker
Yes I know this article is on Headphones! But sometimes you just want to share. I often go to a close friend’s house to help with an ongoing remodel. Music is always in short supply there. Once I purchased this item I no longer had to sing to pass the time. Besides, too many mirrors broke in the process. Jambox lets us share music. Using this tends to create an argument between myself and my remodel buddy who has control of the connection. How his wife always wins I will never know. This is the largest boom box at the best price and shoulders will not be broken in the process of carrying it.

1. Bose QuietComfort 3
When the music is what needs to be heard and nothing else. This headset will get the job done! Nothing comes close. Period. End of Story.

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