Top Ten Awesome Cosplay Outfits

Top Ten Awesome Cosplay Outfits


A good cosplayer is hard to find. Wielding a plastic sword from Toys “R” Us and wiggling into some booty shorts won’t necessarily make you a cosplay god. Like most things, this hobby takes planning, craftsmanship, ability, creativity, and yes, some money, to look professional. This time and effort pays off and can result in some near-perfect replicas of anime, video game, movie, and other pop culture characters. Wanna look great? Here are 10 pictures of some all-star cosplayers, which will hopefully give you enough inspiration to get off your butt and start sewing.

Warning: Some pictures on these sites might show a little more skin than your boss would like to see walking past your desk, so be careful!

Cosplayer: Cvy

Character: Onion Knight, from Dissidia Final Fantasy

About: This cosplayer from Singapore completely ignores gender while creating her outfits, which include this costume of the unnamed Onion Knight from the PSP game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. These handmade props and costumes look exactly what I’d imagine video game graphics to look as if they were in the real world.

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Cosplayer: HezaChan

Character: Stocking, from Panty and Stocking

About: HezaChan wore this look to Anime Central 2011 as part of a duo costume with her friend PeachyKiki. To imitate the anime character Stocking, HezaChan completely constructed her dress, corset, wings, accessories, and leggings, and donned a pair of green circle lenses to get the doll-like look.

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Cosplayer: PeachyKiki

Character: Babydoll, from Sucker Punch

About: Live-action movies, not just anime, can inspire cosplay, too, as seen in this costume from the 2011 film, Sucker Punch. PeachyKiki created a fully-lined halter jacket, complete with an attached gun holster, as well as a matching mini-skirt in order to replicate Babydoll’s outfit.

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Cosplayer: Ginny McQueen

Character: Dazzler, from the Marvel Universe

About: Sometimes the accessories make the costume, which is especially true in Ginny McQueen’s Dazzler costume. She sported a simple wig with a basic, white bodysuit… but look at those skates! To give them a disco ball effect, Ginny hand-cut hundreds of squares out of round sequins to glue onto the roller-skates.

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Cosplayer: Jennifer Barclay

Character: Babe Sapien, from Hellboy

About: Jennifer from Idle Ambition created a female version of Hellboy’s Abe in this full-coverage cosplay creation. Her site states that the only part of her body that was showing was her lips – everything else was completely covered in clothes or prosthetics, including her head, hands, and chest. Along with creating fish-like molds for all these body parts, Jennifer also constructed a head piece with working lights and tubes of water. Impressive!

Cosplayer: Francesca Dani

Character: Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

About: A custom sword, a hand-styled wig, and an incredibly detailed dress all help set this Zelda cosplay above the rest. Francesca, a cosplayer since 1998, wore this stunning outfit to four different conventions, all in different countries. It’s no wonder that her looks are so incredible, she graduated with a degree in fabric engineering from the University of Fashion in Italy.

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Cosplayer: Yaya Han

Character: Faye, from Cowboy Bebop

About: Yaya Han has been involved with cosplay for 11 years and has turned it into a job, through freelance sewing commissions, modeling, and paid appearances at events. She is definitely a pro: this Faye costume was completed in just one day. Yaya sewed the vinyl top and shorts and hand-styled her wig, combining it with another to create a fuller look. This was her first cosplay photo shoot in Japan.

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Cosplayer: Meagan Marie

Character: Princess of Persia, from Prince of Persia

About: Another crossplay, a gender-reversed cosplay, on the list! In this look, Meagan Marie dressed as a female version of the main character from The Prince of Persia. Her method of constructing the outfit included a lot of modifying already-created items. For example, Meagan bought the costume’s jacket online and then hand-dyed it to give it a worn look, removed the sleeves, tailored the fit, and added fringe. She also hand created the Prince’s gauntlet using a type of moldable craft-plastic, Wonderflex.

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Cosplayer: Ryoko-demon

Character: Team Rocket’s Jesse, from Pokemon

About: The most notable part of Jesse’s look is definitely her hair; it really is the make-it or break-it aspect of the costume. Thankfully, Ryoko-demon does not disappoint. She created the head-piece by using two extra-long cherry red wigs, a lot of steel wire to form the shape, papier-mache, and spray paint. Luckily, she also posted a step-by-step instruction picture on her site, too.

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Cosplayer: Jia Jem

Character: Belldandy, from Ah My Goddess

About: This costume by Jia Jem was completely handmade, from the dress to the wings. She even modified her wig by sewing two together to achieve the awesome look she wanted. Jia’s hard work and attention to every detail definitely paid off – this costume was featured in the Japanese cosplay magazine, COSMODE.

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This article was written by MaDonna Flowers, who works at a website that has a large selection of Halloween costumes and accessories that can be used as bases and add-ons for cosplay outfits. If she could pick, she would cosplay as the Pokeman Jigglypuff!


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