Top ten movies this year (so far)

2012 is going to be a spectacular year for moviegoers. But is it necessary to hit the theaters for all the movies lined up this year? Well, there are some that will obviously look great in the theater but the same would be more enjoyable if you watch them on a big screen right in the comfort of your home in full HD. Here are the top 10 must-watch movies for 2012 in HD quality.

Bourne Legacy

Trailers already look quite promising for the latest installment of Jason Bourne inspired spin off, The Bourne Legacy. Taking a twist from the original Bourne series, Universal has gone along with Tony Gilroy on this production expecting him to deliver a spectacular storyline and amazing action sequences. The presence of Rachel Weisz, Albert Finney and Joan Allen along with the protagonist role of Jeremy Renner, it is sure to be a bombastic experience in full HD.


If you are an absolute fan of David Wain style comedy, laid back but aggressive, then start counting the days until the release of Wanderlust in HD for home viewers. This comedy has already hit theaters but would be best enjoyed at home in complete clarity. Including an expansive cast of Jennifer Aniston, Alan Alda, Ray Liotta and Justin Theroux, it is sure to tickle your funny bone.

World War Z

Those who have delved into the depth of Max Brook’s epic horror novel will vaguely find the movie amusing but for others World War Z is a zombie style experience that will unnerve you if you love watching horror movies in full HD gore. A budget of $125 million should allow director Marc Forster to have his fill of special effects and zombie menace.


Total Recall

A remake of the original Total Recall, this one looks even more action packed and expansive with a better plot line. Release date is set for next week but HD home edition may be a few weeks away.


The Hunger Games

Based on the Hunger Games novels by Suzanne Collins, the first part is already out on HD and is a superb collectible considering the fact that two other parts are due for release in the coming years. Watch as a televised blood sport takes action in a post apocalyptic future.


The Avengers

Although not exactly among the upcoming movies for the year 2012, this epic movie requires addition in the list primarily for its HD experience. Imagine watching Thor, Captain America, Hulk and others tearing through minion invaders in full detail with the highest audio quality. Movie lovers must have The Avengers HD expanded edition.


The Dark Knight Rises

In the last part of the Dark Knight, watch as Bruce Wayne meets his toughest ever adversary and comes out on top in the most amazing of fashions. All Dark Knight movies have so far been an excellent watch on HD but the third and final installment is sure to be the best among them all.



What was once a famous board game of wits and intellect has now come to the big screen with the direction of Peter Berg. Watch as imagination and innovation strive to bring an inert board game onto the big screen with an impressive star cast.


The Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists

A complete family entertainment movie that revolves around the life of Pirate Captain going gung-ho after the Pirate of the Year award despite his usually rubbish issues and stupidity.


The Hobbit

After nine years following the last release of Lord of the Rings, it’s time for The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey to premier. This is a must-see movie for the year 2012 and should not be missed on HD. Remember the extra goodies viewers got upon purchasing DVD edition for LOTR?

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