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Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based skirmish board game based in the World of Torn. Quick set-up, fast gameplay, awesome miniatures.


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Torn Armor is a fantasy skirmish miniature game based on the rich lore of “Torn.” It features anthropomorphic creatures such as cat, mouse, monkey, and rhino-headed creatures in their desperate defense of their homeland against the Spartan-like “Sisk” invaders.

Each side is beautifully brought to life through 39 expertly crafted miniatures, ranging from the 20mm “Mu” (mice-men), through to the lumbering war golems that tower a spectacular 60mm on the game board.

Miniatures are pre-assembled and unpainted.

The core boxed set includes:

  • 39 x highly-detailed miniatures
  • 1 x Full color rule book
  • 1 x Full color scenario book
  • 4 x Double-sided color battle posters
  • 4 x Terrain Cards (rubble and trees, used to alter the battle posters each game)
  • 8 x Magical Item cards
  • 8 x Spell cards
  • 5 dice of 5 different colors (25 dice in total)

Two additional miniatures “Ghost & Riftblade” are included at the $100 pledge level (game + minos), $75 pledge level (just the minis + minos) and all levels at $150 and above.

Miniatures are pre-assembled and unpainted.

Playtest rules download link:


39 miniatures: x1 Light Golem, x1 Skirmish Golem, x1 Battlepriest, x1 Sisk Hero, x7 Javelin, x7 Hoplite, x1 Skirmish Elemental, x1 Light Elemental, x8 Vanaran, x9 Mu, x1 Serpentfolk Mage, X1 Felis Hero  

All of our miniatures are available to view in a 3D rotating format.

Ghost & Riftblade are included at the $100 pledge level (game + minos), $75 pledge level (just the minis + minos) and all levels above.


Gameplay is intended to be fast and furious. 10 minute set-up time, 30 minute whirlwind action across playing areas the size of a coffee table. While you can certainly set up a table-tennis sized surface if you wish and sprawl out half a dozen Torn Armor battlemats, the core game is intended to be played in a manner conducive to your modern lifestyle: the gameplay is quick, the required playing surface is small, and you’ll get plenty of games into just an evening of play.

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