Having trouble finding the perfect baby name? Let your baby decide.

Finding the perfect name for your unborn baby can be quite difficult.  You start by naming off people or family members you like, names you have grown accustomed to over the years, celebrities, weird names, and common names.  Eventually you are wits end and as your due date gets closer and closer you still don’t have the perfect name.

Do not worry, there’s no need to fear- BABY IS HERE!  Your baby is just waiting to tell you the name that he or she loves most via a creative app for your iPhone called “Kick to Pick“.

The app includes a database of thousands of gender-specific names which you can narrow down if you prefer by creating a favorites list. You then place your iPhone on your baby bump and the app will move through the list, reading off the names one-by-one, until the built-in accelerometer detects that your child has provided some kind of physical feedback.  Depending on which name gets the most feedback you’ll be able to make a decision.

When your baby grows up into a young adult and says “Why did you name me Terrance Swaddleworth?”  You can say “We didn’t pick your name, YOU DID!”  😛

Kick To Pick - Nathan Parks

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