Ulilikilts, a new found freedom and uniform of the free thinker!

Survival Kilt – A Must Have!

The Utilikilts Company

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Original Kilt

How companies get their start is amazing to hear at times. The Utilikilts Company definitely had a start that was different than most. The founder of Utilikilts is Krash, as he is called. His name comes from his friends because of a saying that they associated with him. “If you don’t risk anything you don’t crash”. Well his friends say he is definitely not scared to crash and keep trying!

Workman's Kilt

The first kilt Krash made was in February 2000. He made is own because he said he could not find any kilts anywhere he looked. To step out and feel what he wanted to get done he took it on his own to make one. He wore it to Burning Man that year and was asked if he would sell it, so he did. Thus The Uitilikilts Company was born. Crash believed this could be a freeing experience to pass along.

Mocker Kilt

Krash thought the Kilt could be “the Uniform of the free thinker.” So, with pun intended he was selling freedom.

NERD TREK interview would not be complete if I asked about bananas and Crash stated, “Maybe that is what is under the Kilt, maybe.”

New Standard Kilt

I was very fascinated with all the kilts that I saw at the booth he had in the Penny Arcade Convention this last August. Utilikilts had an assorted variety of kilts. The Kilts range in price from $150 to $330 for the Kilts in multiple styles. The coolest one is the Kilt that is recommended having suspenders, because it can hold 20 beers! The best way to think of a kilt is it is a tool belt on a towel. Let it be free and hang loose.


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