Underworld Races & Classes Kickstarter ends soon, unlocked are dozens of stretch and backer goals

The Underworld Races & Classes Kickstarter by AAW Games is down to the last hours, if you’re looking to pick up a copy of this limited-edition print run now is your chance. Dozens of stretch and backer goals have already been unlocked including Hero Lab, Realm Works, Fantasy Grounds, and a back-of-book Underworld Bestiary! $55 for print, $25 for PDF — 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG.

Stretch & Backer Goals


Current Numbers:

$35,662 of $1,000 Goal
Pathfinder Backers 312
5th Edition Backers 393 
Total Backers 622
34 Stretch Goals Unlocked
8 Backer Goals Unlocked



What’s Been Unlocked?

  • 24 pieces of new race/class art added to book
  • New equipment art added to the book
  • New bestiary art added to the book
  • Underworld Weapons & Armor section (5E)
  • Underworld Weapons & Armor section (PF)
  • Hero Lab files (5E)
  • Hero Lab files (PF)
  • Fantasy Grounds (5E)
  • Fantasy Grounds (PF)
  • Realm Works (5E)
  • Realm Works (PF)
  • BESTIARY $26k Ahool
  • BESTIARY $27k Anghenfil
  • BESTIARY $28k Colliatur Monstrosity
  • BESTIARY $29k Gogelid
  • BESTIARY $30k Hondra
  • BESTIARY $31k Korkcitura
  • BESTIARY $32k Mushroom Golem
  • BESTIARY $33k Phoso
  • BESTIARY $34k Rakasa Batu
  • BESTIARY $35k Rufidier
  • U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme (5E & PF)


What’s Still Locked?

  • FOUR Underworld Bestiary Entries (to be revealed as unlocked)
  • 1 Super Secret Stretch Goal
  • 1 Super Secret Backer Goal
  • U02: Murder in Stoneholme (5E & PF)
  • U03: Death Comes to Stoneholme (5E & PF)
  • NOTE TO FANTASY GROUNDS USERS: If we unlock all three Underworld Adventures (U01, U02, U03) we will include Fantasy Grounds files for these!

Underworld Equipment Sketches

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