Gaming Preference: Game Length

Is it better to have a game that while being short (6 to 8 hour campaign) totally blows me away?  Or is it better to have a game with a long (10 to 20 or more hour) campaign that is satisfying but not epic? It is a topic that I have been wrestling with for a very long time.

To me, it’s almost dependent on the type of game that I’m involved with at the time.  Also, I would much rather have a company give me an experience I’m sure to remember rather than something I’ll likely forget in a week.  I mean, is bigger always better?  In certain avenues, yes – gun fights, for instance. But, is going to the Old Country Buffet to stuff your cake hole full of garbage better than going to a nice restaurant for smaller portions of delicious food to widen your waistline?  Again, I’m kind of torn.  Sometimes, I want to pile up a plate full of tasteless goo that parades itself as food.  But, I’m also a huge fan of going to a restaurant to have a delicious meal prepared by a truly passionate chef.  Enough of that, back to my original question, games.  I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. Back when games started, they were text based adventures that you could literally spend days and weeks diving into to poke around and play.  Of course, graphics weren’t around yet. So, you needed a hell of an imagination to do that, but, it was all we had and we were thankful!  My point is, early games had to be as epic as technology could make them to get public interest.  Nowadays, it seems that too many developers just want to cash in with a half assed game that looks pretty (sometimes) and plays mediocre.  What’s worse, is they are either rehashes of old games like the twentieth iteration of Super Mario Brothers, or just a plain rip off of games that are true examples of awesome, innovative games (Dante’s Inferno and the likes).  Homefront, which I wrote about a few posts ago, is a mediocre game in play but terrible in length at about six hours.  But, do I need more of the crappy game play and worse graphics?  The single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2 was equally short (at about 10 hours) but, it kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time!  We will always have Gran Turismos and  Fallouts to lose free time and sanity too, but, how about companies give us more consistency with game time?  I mean, we are paying $60 or more for one of these games.  How about a better return on our collective investment?  Bu,t like I said at the start of this rant, please make it heaping helpings of filet mignon, and not piles of overcooked dried out chicken.

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