Watch Dogs

Aiden Pierce is the protagonist of this open World Third-Person Action Adventure game.  It’s set in modern day Chicago where the city government is corrupt.  You (as Aiden Pierce) are trying to take down and expose the corrupt officials using the grey area world between mainstream society and the criminal underground.

Surveillance is an important mechanic in the game.  We’ll be able to use Aiden’s in-game cell phone for doing things like manipulating traffic lights to cause accidents, listening in on people’s phone calls, and identifying strangers.  We can also hack into personal profiles, employment files, medical reports, and get other info on them.  The game looks really cool while you’re using the surveillance systems in the gameplay footage I’ve seen.

There seems to be really smooth transitions throughout the game.  Whether you’re changing from using cover, to fighting, to just moving around the world, it looks great.  The city has incredibly realistic looks for a digital world and the changes in weather add to the immersion of gameplay.  There isn’t too much info about Watch Dogs readily available right now, but from what I’ve seen it looks great.

Release will be 2013 at the earliest, possibly into 2014 but I think it will be well worth the wait.


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