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Watches feature in almost every movie at some point, some are more pivotal to the plot than others, but they are always there.

Here we are taking a look at some of the watches that feature in some of the biggest movies of all time, from the important ones, to the cool ones that you just can’t miss, like ‘James Bond’s’ super stylish Omega watches . Without the Lancet WWI Trench Watch (“The Gold Watch“) in ‘Pulp Fiction‘, the movie couldn’t exist, much like the Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor watch in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ that ‘Bruce Banner‘ wears to keep track of his heart rate and stop him becoming the epic green rage monster.

Pulp Fiction Gold Watch

It’s no secret that some stars favour certain watch brands either, with Will Smith wearing Hamilton watches throughout the ‘Men In Black’ trilogy and also wearing the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind in ‘I Am Legend’ however he notably wears a different brand in at the beginning of ‘MIB’ and in ‘Independence Day’ where he wears Brietling watches, and specifically the Brietling Airwolf as ‘Captain Steven Hiller’, a more appropriate watch for a fighter pilot than the funky Hamilton designs which are spot on for films like ‘MIB‘.

MIB Hamilton watch

Another guy who seemingly has a bit of a penchant for one particular watch brand is Arnold Schwarzenegger, wearing Seiko watches in ‘Predator’ and cult classic ‘The Running Man’. It should probably be mentioned though, that he does rock a Casio G-Shock during most of the gun toting scenes in ‘The Running Man‘! Seiko are also worn by rock hard alien slayer ‘Ripley‘ in ‘Aliens’ and Egon in ‘Ghostbusters’, with ‘Spengler’s’ Seiko Voice Note being picked for it’s super gadgety look!

Arnie Running Man

Casio watches feature in a huge selection of our favourite movies, with the G-Shock, Protrek and Pathfinder all being worn in James Cameron‘s 3D spectacular ‘Avatar’, presumably picked for their look and also for the fact that they are some of the toughest watches around… what else would Marines in an alternate reality wear? Much like ‘Ethan Hunt‘s’ Casio G-Shock watch in ‘Mission: Impossible’, what else would a secret agent/spy guy wear? Don’t go thinking that Casio are only worn by tough guy characters though, they are also worn by ‘McLovin/Fogel‘ in ‘Superbad’,  by Nick Frost in ‘Paul’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’ and who could forget the awesome Casio calculator watch worn by ‘Marty McFly’ in ‘Back To The Future‘, the CA50! If they aren’t enough to make you want a retro Casio watch, what is?

Marty McFly Casio

TAG Heuer watches feature in two of the biggest blockbusters of recent years, worn by two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Matt Damon in ‘The Bourne Identity’ and Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Inception’. Presumably based through product placement, with Di Caprio being an official ambassador for the brand and with their being no real reason for ‘Bourne’ to be wearing a TAG, but the style fits both characters and seamlessly into both movies.

Tony Stark watch

Some more prestigious watches are deliberately picked to get across a characters social status and personality, from the flashy looking Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph (above) worn by ‘Tony Stark’ in ‘Iron Man’ displaying his flashy personality to the Omega La Magique worn by ‘Tony Montana‘ in ‘Scarface‘, one of the most prestigious watches of the time. It’s clear that watches are carefully handpicked by film makers so that they are right for the character, seeming as important as the rest of their costume.

Written by Chris – blogger for The Watch Hut

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