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In terms of telling time, watches have taken a back seat to the mobile phones that are in our pockets everyday. I love watches, the bigger the better. Anytime I see a big, well built watch I stare — wide eyed and filled with wonder — like a 4-year-old at Disney world for the first time. Here is a list of five different watches that I love.

Men’s Invicta Reserve Venom
It’s a heavy watch that was designed to withstand 1000 meter dives. Not that I would ever dive that deep, but my watch could go. The leather strap doesn’t pull that hair on my arm when the weight of the watch gets twisted on my writs from walking movement. The one down side is that it’s battery driven. The features allow it to mark dive down time, function as a stopwatch, and act as a wrist shield if evil attacks.






Men’s Citizen Promaster SST Eco Drive Watch
As Long as you’re moving, this watch will always tell you what time it is. The main reason I like this watch is the alarm. When I’m wearing it I feel like James Bond, but it has an affordable price. This watch has perpetual calendar. It can also withstand 200 meter dives. Also included are an alarm and a stopwatch feature. The one coolest thing about it is that the watch links to the atomic clock in five different time zones so you know you’ll always be on time.







Women’s Citizen Miramar Chronograph

If you are looking at giving the love of your life diamonds, then this is the watch to give. Fitted with 28 diamonds, and never needing a battery, this watch is a stunning piece of craftsmanship. The mother of pearl dial adds a classy touch to the face. It is water resistant to 100 meters.








Men’s Omega Constellation Double Eagle

If cost isn’t your number one priority and you are looking for a boardroom statement, then this is a fine watch. The skeleton back allows you to see the inner workings when you flip it over. It can also handle a dive depth of 100 meters.











Men’s Devon Tread 1
When I first saw this watch I couldn’t believe its actions for keeping time. There are four microstep motors attached to four belts that move the numbers across. It has ruby pieces inside of it, jeweled bearings that keep things moving on pulley systems without the need for lubrication. A Lithium-Ion battery that needs to be charged every couple of weeks on a pad in the watch box powers it. The price is a little steep (It’ll set you back at least $15,000) but it is an exemplary piece of design and engineering, in addition to being a phenomenal timepiece. Nothing else matches its movements. Oh, and to top everything off, it’s bulletproof.




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