Decoding The Big Bang – Who is Wil Wheaton?


Today was a very eventful day in the forward movement of my cataclysmic change into nerdom. I learned that Wil Wheaton is a real person. My friends have known this for years and have not included me in this special guild. Curse you all for not sharing in this linear knowledge!

So, today I would have the edge and strike first. What is the question that I got to use with my time that was afforded me with Mr. Wheaton? Be careful. It was powerful. Thank you Khilid Yassin. You are the one who gave me the inspiration to continue with my well thought out and deep question.

Do you like bananas?

My thought was (not knowing the importance of this moment) that I would ask a life altering question. This question was so important; I could not waste this person’s time (who was so monumental in the Nerdom realm) with any silly Brony based question. I think it was time well spent.

It was not until after I asked my question did I find out from my cursed friends who Mr. Wheaton is.

He does (while laughing at me) admit to liking bananas. But, I also prepared him for the question I would ask him next year. Do You like Mango’s Mr. Wheaton?

Wil Wheaton was so kind to answer this question. I will now use this opportunity to assist in raising funds for a charity that is dear to our hearts here at NERD TREK.  The way I will raise these funds is by letting all of you on the fan base here at NERD TREK vote for which 2-inch by 2-inch tattoo I should obtain. This tattoo will be of Wil Wheaton eating a banana in different poses. It will also be placed on my back. I will wear it proudly.

The reason you ask? Ours fans mean the world to us….and so does Wil Wheaton eating a banana.

Jonathan Nerdtrek: “This charity will be set up shortly as well as pictures depicting Wil Wheaton eating a banana in various poses.  Please donate and then vote for your favorite.  Bill will get the most popular image tattooed on his back and we’ll take pictures of him presenting it to Wil Wheaton along with a basket of delicious organic bananas at the next convention!

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