The New Wii, Does it Matter?

Before people send me death threats or anything- yes, I know people LOVE the Wii. I don’t. I think it was a mass market, low tech disgrace to gaming.

Now, before you bother hating me, I have played it and the motion technology is sub-par at best. And, don’t get me started on the garbage Nintendo passes off as games. Cooking Mama, really? Like that’s what I want to do with my time gaming, act like I’m preparing cookies.

Anyway, Nintendo announced plans for the surprisingly named, Wii 2. Tech specs are shady as of yet, and some wild claims (graphics better than both the PS3 and 360, I don’t think so), have already been recanted. HDMI and 1080p are also on the list, as well as bold claims of an online Nintendo service to rival PSN or XBox Live. I’ll believe that when I see it. Remember when Nintendo said online gaming was a waste of time and resources?

True to form, Nintendo has come up with a new proprietary disc format for the Wii 2. It will use 12 centimeter (roughly 4 1/2″) diameter discs. For the curious, a standard disc is 5 1/2″ in diameter. For Nintendo that means two things, less storage capacity and another cost for developers to deal with. Or, yet again, Nintendo will have all the power and leverage over 3rd party devs, which will surely stop many game companies from wasting money.

The new Wii will be backwards compatible with the original Wii, both software and hardware-wise. A selling point for the Wii 2 is the new controller, which features a touch screen, d-pad, buttons, and analog sticks. The claim is that it’s a new way of gaming. Supposedly, it will be integrated in a way to allow you to play on-the-go, but isn’t going to be a stand-alone game machine. In other words, it isn’t trying to compete with the new PSP, or anything like that. The unit itself is too big to really be portable, so, I don’t really see it being used for much more than novelty use. Nintendo claims customers want that ability. Anyone remember the VMU from the Dreamcast? The new Nintendo unit is a bigger version of that, hardly a game changer.

Expect more of the same software from Nintendo, which is actually the reason I am not a Nintendo fan anymore. I got tired of playing the same games over and over again. Expect a (*ahem*) “new Mario, new Zelda,” etc. to line store shelves. And, I’m sure a ton of annoying shovel-ware that is intended to “show off” the “new” technology.

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