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Hard drive manufacturer Seagate has unveiled a new goodie that should make your data storage situation at home a little easier.  Right now if you are like me you probably move files around on one of those little USB flash drives.  I love using them because they are small and easy to use; I plug one into my computer, drop the new Big Bang Theory episode onto it and within a few minutes I am upstairs watching it with my wife.  What could be easier than that?  Seagate has the answer.

Although there is already technology out there to plug hard drives into your WIFI network (NAS), most units don’t seem to function correctly with all devices such as your iPad or iPhone.  Also, they are difficult to upgrade if upgradable at all. 

Seagate has developed a system that is completely independent of WIFI but still runs wirelessly and can connect to ALL of your devices- yes even your lonely iPad!  The answer lies in a small package that Seagate calls the GoFlex Satellite drive.  The GoFlex Satellite is 500 gigs and sells for $200. The drive is being targeted at movie lovers, but specifically those who have iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

“Movies are what’s driving storage capacity for us these days, and our main focus right now with this product is the iPad. Apple devices have the most difficult time with upgrading and storage.”

-Greg Falgiano, Seagate Senior Product Manager

As those of you who already own the iPad & iPhone know, Apple’s wonderful devices have no actual USB ports.  You are welcome to craft your own as I have or buy a made in China adapter online, but those options are both somewhat sketchy and could void your warranty if something went wrong.  An easier solution, especially when it comes to portable storage is the Seagate GoFlex Satellite.  Media can be accessed through the browsers or via Seagate’s new GoFlex Media app which is available as an app.

If you plan on using this storage method for your apple devices make sure you encode your movies and tv shows with the .m4v or .mov formats that those devices require.

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite sells for around $200, is wirelessly independent from your router, works with iOS, and provides 500 GB of storage space.

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