Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Last week was the wide retail release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the first major expansion for the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons® fantasy role-playing game. The book provides players with new subclasses for every class in the game, as well as new tools and toys for Dungeon Masters. Anticipation for Xanathar’s Guide was very high on the release date – it has been climbing up the bestselling list on Amazon, reaching as high as #7 and currently sitting at #9 rank in all books, as well as #4 in Teens and #1 for Games.

The beholder called Xanathar—Waterdeep’s most infamous crime lord—is known to hoard information on friend and foe alike. The tyrant catalogs lore about adventurers and ponders methods to thwart them. Its twisted mind imagines that it can eventually know everything!

New rules and story options include:

  • More than twenty-five new subclasses for the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, including the Cavalier (for the fighter), the Circle of Dreams (for the druid), the Horizon Walker (for the ranger), and the Inquisitive (for the rogue).
  • Dozens of new spells, a collection of racial feats, and a system to give each character a customized backstory.
  • A variety of tools that provide Dungeon Masters with fresh ways to use traps, magic items, downtime activities, and other material—all designed to enhance a campaign and push it in new directions.

Amid all this valuable lore, Xanathar offers its own bizarre observations about whatever its eyestalks happen to see. Pray they don’t come to rest on you!

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is available with a standard cover, which features an illustration of Xanathar and its precious goldfish by Jason Rainville, as well as a limited edition alternative-art cover illustrated by Hydro74 available in game stores only. To find a store near you, use the store locator at dungeonsanddragons.com.

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