Xbox 360 won’t read game discs

If you have the new kinect xbox 360 dashboard and you cannot get your xbox 360 console to read your game discs or DVDs, you are not alone.  An update that was recently applied through Xbox Live makes your discs unreadable.

Remove the update by navigating to:

System Settings->Memory->STOP HERE!

You should see your Hard Drive highlighted, if not move to it and then enter this on your controller:


Delete System Update will appear, make sure there is no media in your disc drive and select YES.  You system will restart and appear to hang DO NOT TURN IT OFF OR MESS WITH IT!

After a couple minutes your system will start and you should be able to play discs again.  If that didn’t work try deleting any NETFLIX data on your drive and also look for deletion suggestions by hitting “X” when browsing the hard drive (you will see the selection at the bottom of the screen).  Once you have cleared out any strange culprits- REBOOT.

You should be playing your games again in no time!  🙂  This article is for Isadora’s Mike.

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