First Zombie Game Built Around the 52-Card Deck


First Zombie Game Built Around the 52-Card Deck

Chicago, IL, United States – March 6, 2013 – Riding the wave of  zombie popularity, a Chicago-based game maker has released the details of their newest game ‘Zombie Shuffle.’


Created by enthusiasts of the genre ‘Zombie Shuffle’ uses the standard deck by turning the king, queen and jack cards into zombies, the aces into survivors and the 2 through 10 as their weapons to take them on.

“We spent over a year on the rules and design,” said Blaise Sewell, game co-creator and designer. “Zombie Shuffle is a lot like current favorites Munchkin and Bang! but also combines elements from classics including Crazy 8s and Spades.”

With the flood of zombie-related products Sewell believes his team has connected the new with the old by forcing themselves to stick to the standard deck.

“By releasing the rules online Zombie Shuffle is free to everyone with a deck of cards,” he said. “We love how games are passed down through family gatherings and parties and  hope our little game will be the same.”

Ace_Spades_HeroAs the Kickstarter winds down they have 12 days to raise funds to cover the large costs of printing decks of cards. Kickstarter is an online  pledge system for funding creative projects and is used to generate money for start up costs through crowdsourcing.

The group plans to continue releasing more games if their inaugural card game is successful.

Feels Right Design is a graphic design house with a focus on social justice and grassroots movements.


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