Last Call for the Occult Secrets of the Underworld and Neoclassical Geek Revival Kickstarters

Dear readers!


First of all, please excuse me blowing my own horn, but the Occult Secrets of the Underworld kickstarter has 6 hours remaining – so if you want to get a book full of my crunch and weird ideas, get on board here! It’s just $15 for the pdf + print coupon!









Secondly the kickstarter for a new edition of Neoclassical Geek Revival, Zzarchov Kowolski’s gaming system, + its adventure compilation, has 10 hours remaining – you can check it out here!

So yeah, back Occult Secrets of the Underworld first, then the NGR one! ;P


Kidding aside, I stand 100% behind the Occult book (I wrote it and had full creative control – and the artwork by Mates Laurentiu is ridiculously amazing…and Jensen Toperzer’s layout is gorgeous…), and NGR, well, it’s a system worth checking out and the modules are truly unique!


Thank you for your attention!


All right, back to the review mines for me!


Endzeitgeist out.

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