Dolmenwood Referee’s Map (system neutral)

Dolmenwood Referee’s Map (system neutral)

This map is awesome and full-color. You can download it for free; it sports heraldric crests of Dolmenwood’s noble houses on the side, notes the position of the rune stones in the setting, the ley lines, is VTT-friendly, notes the GM’s points of interest, etc. It’s beautiful it’s useful, it’s actually FREE, and even the print version (which I do own!) clocks in at a ridiculous $1.50 – a price this assuredly is worth.


If you’re a referee interested in Dolmenwood, download this right now. If you’re a player, download the “Welcome to Dolmenwood”-teaser instead. This map does contain important information not intended for player’s hands. Now, when do we get a player’s version? Oh, rating? 5 stars + seal of approval.


You can get this cool map here for free on OBS!








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