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Actors and Comedians from @Midnight with Chris Hardwick, The Mindy Project, Blindspot Play D&D at Meltdown Comics this Summer


DnD_SKT_HekatonWizards of the Coast announced Storm King’s Thunder, the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons coming Fall 2016. Giants are rampaging the land, the sea, and the skies and the peoples of the Forgotten Realms need a team of heroes to help them. D&D fans will get a preview of Storm King’s Thunder this summer with Force Grey: Giant Hunters, an eight-episode weekly show starring an unlikely group of comedians and actors, co-produced by Nerdist and Geek & Sundry.

The cast for Force Grey: Giant Hunters was unveiled at D&D Live from Meltdown Comics yesterday. Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project, Pitch Perfect), Jonah Ray (The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail on Comedy Central), Brian Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program), and Shelby Fero, comedian and writer, along with Matthew Mercer and Ashley Johnson (currently on NBC’s Blindspot) of Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role and Chris Hardwick (founder of Nerdist and host of Talking Dead and @Midnight) will entertain D&D fans by rolling some dice, making each other laugh, and playing through a new Storm King’s Thunder adventure developed with the D&D story team. Look for Force Grey: Giant Hunters to debut this summer on Nerdist.com.

Watch Matthew Mercer and the cast talk about their characters, as well as hear details about the Storm King’s Thunder story and products from Mike Mearls and Chris Perkins, with D&D Live from Meltdown on the D&D channel on Twitch and YouTube.

“The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons has never been so strong and it is always so exciting to hear stories about who plays D&D in Hollywood,” said Nathan Stewart, director of Dungeons & Dragons. “I can’t wait for fans to tune-in to watch all these hilariously talented people playing D&D. We think this is a really fun way to preview Storm King’s Thunder while waiting for the new adventure to come out.”

DnD_TRPG_StormKingsThunder_CoverPlayers can start playing their own campaigns when Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons-based MMORPG brings a new expansion for Storm King’s Thunder on PC in August 2016. The Storm King’s Thunder tabletop RPG adventure releases wide on September 6 as a hardcover book and digitally on Fantasy Grounds, the online tools that enable a virtual tabletop online for gaming groups. D&D also announced Volo’s Guide to Monsters, a book full of lore and background on monsters such as mindflayers, orcs and beholders as well as a limited edition cover coming to gaming stores this fall.

Watch Force Grey: Giant Hunters on Nerdist.com this summer!

For more information on Dungeons & Dragons, including details on all of the new products supporting the Storm King’s Thunder storyline from Wizards and our partners, please visit https://www.dungeonsanddragons.com.


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