Elven Papercraft Sets

Elven Papercraft Sets: a brand new downloadable PDF set of paper models


Lord Zsezse Works has started a Kickstarter project to make brand new Elven papercraft models.
This set will contain Elven walls, towers and pieces for a whole fortress with many accessories. With the stretch goals and its customization, this set will be almost limitless!

From Antal Kéninger, one of the graphic artists at Lord Zsezse Works:

Our goal with this project is to create a brand new downloadable PDF set of paper models. We would like to leave the beaten path and blaze a new trail forward. This is why we’ve decided to ask for your support in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. We would like to breathe life into the new papercraft Elven world, beginning with the defensive line!

There are many kinds of paper models on the market for role players, modelers and anyone who would like to test their skills and build a paper model just for fun. But the number of those models that belong to a fantasy race and shows their unique character and style is really low. That’s why we wanted to create paper models of the most famous race in fantasy: the Elves.

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Some benefits of this set:

Buy once, use as many times as you like

If you own this set you can print parts of it as much as you like
and use them for different stories and scenes.
Modular parts, limitless possibilities

Every part of this set is interchangeable with the others!
Use the top or the base of the Elven Mill for your tower,
add walls from the Wall Set to the towers and build up a whole kingdom!
Go inside!

Every tower and some of the roofs will also have a nice interior that you can use for your adventures!
With the item packs you will be able to easily create different rooms and chambers for your games in any style.

A Different look every time

This set will have 3 different textures + 1 exclusive to backers!

This means you can choose from 4 different looks for your models and you can mix and match them by parts, too.

Do you like the roof of the Medieval style but are also into the Moon walls?
No problem, print each of them and use them together!

Detailed and realistic
With these highly detailed and realistic models you will raise your
adventures and dioramas up to a new level.

04_modular parts
But that’s far from all!

You will get different textures within the styles by tower- and wall levels,
and with the customization options you will be able to customize each of them!
Switch different doors, windows and arches on your models!


Rewards will contain Interactive and downloadable PDF files.

What does interactive mean?
Here at Lord Zsezse Works we are always trying to improve the potential of PDF files. Most of our products include a lot of customizing options. With these you can change the look of the buildings and get a more diverse and customizable model; switch and move doors and windows anywhere you want and customize your selected style by buttons.


Photos of our previous set taken by our fans:
You can expect from us the same quality in this project.


You can find this project here: http://kck.st/1n0D8eQ

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