Magic: The Gathering Celebration Event

Magic Celebration is Saturday September 8th at your local participating hobby store / card shop!  You can go to to find the nearest one.

It is a free event that people both experienced and new to Magic can attend and have lots of fun.  You’ll go home with at least one free 2013 Core Set booster pack, but possibly a lot more stuff.  There should be a variety of games to play, including different Mini-Master games.  There are a couple ways to play Mini-Master and if you haven’t tried them, you might find you like this challenging format.   One way is that you and an opponent each take a sealed booster pack, open them and each add 3 of every basic land to them, then shuffle up and deal your hands.  You’ll have a very small library and the cards will be a surprise but it can be a fun and challenging way to play.

You can also play where a freshly opened booster pack is your hand, you play without a library, and each turn you may take a basic land of any color that is outside of the game and play it. Effects that force/allow drawing cards are ignored and there is no loss of the game for having to draw with out having cards in your non-existent library.

Start times vary per store so be sure to call and ask for the details. Free stuff, playing Magic with friends new and old, and it doesn’t cost anything?  Sounds like a blast to me!

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