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ChristinaStilesPublishingLogo1Industry game designer and editor Christina Stiles has launched an IndieGoGo project aimed at getting more women and children involved in the tabletop gaming hobby: Medusa’s Guide for Gamer Girls.

The book (currently being outlined) will assume no prior knowledge of rpgs, so it will cover what tabletop rpgs are and what types of games are out there. Additionally, it will offer advice on how to make games more welcoming to women, how to find a gaming group, how to deal with problems that arise with fellow players during gaming, and how to transition from player to Game Master. A chapter or two will also be spent on tips for getting into the gaming industry as a freelancer or publisher, and it will include essays from several women from the gaming industry: Amber Scott, Amanda Hamon, Jodi Black, Tracy Davis Hurley, Naomi Tripi, Lj Stephens, Carinn Seabolt, Rachel Ventura, and Emily Mottesheard are just some of the women involved in the book (the IndieGoGo page includes a full list).  Some male perspective will be included, as well.

Christina says, “I’m very passionate about introducing women (and children) to the hobby that I love so much! We need to grow more gamers! In fact, I’ve done several well-attended panels on the topic of women and gaming at various conventions—PaizoCon, ConCarolinas, Mysticon, and others—and now, I want to extend the conversation into book form.  There will be no man-bashing in the book. I absolutely LOVE my gamer guy friends—even if some of them believe I’m THE Feminist Conspiracy! The book will, however, offer women advice on dealing with unwanted attention and other issues arising when women enter a male-dominated hobby, and I hope that gamer guys purchase copies for the women in their lives—and even read the book themselves. Let’s making gaming accessible, and let’s build the next gamer generation!“

The book will be published through Christina’s publishing company, Christina Stiles Presents, and will be available in print and electronic copies. She hopes to have it ready in time for the summer convention season.

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