Tales from the Tabletop: Year One comic book

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IMG_8021The official Tales from the Tabletop comic book was just released by Adventureaweek.com and is now available as a FREE PDF download and print comic on DriveThruRPG. Print copies also available at Gen Con 2016 – AAW Games booth #2842

AAW Games has also partnered with Offworld Designs who also handle T-shirt designs for Gen Con LLC, they’ve produced one of their most popular comics as a shirt you can purchase online or at Gen Con!

This webcomic has become quite popular and is available freely here on Adventureaweek.com where you can delve into and read the hilarious archives.

From the Tales from the Tabletop comic book introduction:

Welcome to the first official Tales from the Tabletop™ comic book!

Tales from the Tabletop™ Explanation

Each week Adventureaweek.com posts a new comic for Tales from the Tabletop™ with one or more blank caption/dialog balloons, this comic is shared via the Dungeons and Dragons Memes Facebook Page where readers are encouraged to post their own witty dialog suggestions. The AAW Games team selects the funniest dialog, the winner’s caption is used, and the final comic is reposted for the world to share. Caption contest winners receive awesome rewards such as tabletop RPG adventures, dice, or gooey cinnamon rolls.

Visit Adventureaweek.com or our Facebook page to catch up on the latest installment of the Tales from the Tabletop™ webcomic.


IMG_8024About the Team

Jacob Blackmon
Tales from the Tabletop™ is a tabletop gaming comic drawn and colored by Jacob Blackmon and published by Adventureawek.com. Jacob fantasizes about Tales from the Tabletop™ by candlelight in the late evening hours and has been known to conduct secret arcane rituals involving cute cats and beautiful anime cosplay girls.

Jonathan G. Nelson 
Jonathan comes up with some awesome, stupid, and downright ridiculous ideas which Jacob frequently shakes his head at, and then smiles because he knows that he can transform those frantic ramblings about green slime and three-headed dire reindeer (with the fiendish template) into something which ordinary folks just might understand.

Justin Andrew Mason
Justin is a full-time freelance game developer, cartographer, and graphic designer. He designed the Tales from the Tabletop™ logo, suggests new themes and ideas for upcoming comics, manages the weekly posting of the comic to the web, and utilized his graphic-wrangling skills to help put together this awesome comic book.

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About Jonathan G. Nelson

Jonathan G. Nelson is the editor-in-chief and owner of NERD TREK. He is also owner/publisher at AAW Games / AdventureAWeek.com, a tabletop gaming company based in Snoqualmie, WA. Connect with Jonathan via Facebook.