Upcoming Titles To Keep Your Eye Out For!


I know both Sony and Microsoft have gone “kiddie” with their new peripherals (Move for Sony and Kinect for Microsoft), but have no fear hardcore gamers, great games are still on the horizon!
Look past the shovelware coming out right now for the aforementioned console peripherals, and you will see a beacon of light!  Titles such as, The Last Guardian (the brilliant minds that gave us the cult hits, Icoand Shadow of the Colossus), Killzone 3Little Big Planet 2,  Mass Effect 2, and a host of other sure-to-be hits are on their way to store shelves. The only problem for us gamers is what to choose. If funds are of no consequence, I’d suggest getting every game your bank accounts can support. For those with more modest bank accounts, the questions to ask yourselves are: How would I rank the games being offered in terms of my desire to own them? Do I want the bleeding edge of technology to determine my purchases? Shooter or platformer? Tried and true? Or something new?  I’ve got my eye set on Killzone 3Little Big Planet 2,  The Last Guardian, to name a few. And, you should too!

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